Monday, 17 January 2011

Film Idea

• Issue - Rape
• Location – House – Kitchen and Bedroom
• Characters – Main female character – Rape victim
Main male character – Rapist
Extras at party – Friends of the main characters

Plot Overview:

The film begins with a group of friends at a party all having a good time and enjoying themselves; the camera is focused on a young girl who seems relaxed and happy. After a while the doorbell goes and a young male arrives, the camera then focuses on both him and the girl however this time the girl’s disposition changes as she becomes tense and uneasy; we see the male constantly looking over at the girl. During these close-up shots of the girl the digetic sound of music and chatter blurs out and we hear the non-digetic sound of a struggle between a man and a woman. After a while the woman goes upstairs and we see the man follow suit shortly after. The next scene we see is of the these two characters having a short, heated exchange and then we see and hear the struggle that was previously heard between the two in the girl’s head, the audience then realise that this has obviously happened before and that the girl is a victim of rape and that this man is her abuser.

This was my first initial idea which was later used as the basis for my first synopsis and main task. I feel that this idea worked well as it was the right length, fitting into the five minute time frame specified by OCR and contains high stakes and some form of journey for both the main characters. It also contains a great deal of tension ensuring that the viewer would be interested and want to continue watching the film. Although my initial idea was fairly successful it did change along the way and is fairly different from my final product.

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