Monday, 17 January 2011

Film Synopsis One

Several young adults are hanging around in a modern kitchen where a small gathering of friends is taking place. One girl stands out from the crowd, she is relaxed and happy, laughing away with her friends. The doorbell goes and a young male arrives, most of the party go over to greet him except the girl who now looks tense and uneasy, she finds it difficult to look at the boy, fiddling with the glass of drink in her hand and constantly looking at the floor. The boy keeps glancing over at the girl looking eager to talk to her. The commotion surrounding the boy dies down and he goes over to talk to the girl, he grabs her arm and asks if they can talk but she wrestles it free and makes an escape to one of the bedrooms upstairs in the house.

Once in the bedroom she sits on the bed and puts her head in her hands. The boy in the kitchen is now drinking and laughing with those in the kitchen but keeps looking at the stairs wanting to go after the girl. The girl is now in the bedroom looking intently at her reflection in a mirror, she breathes heavily and begins to fix her make-up. Suddenly the young boy from downstairs appears behind her in the mirror, she turns round to face him and walk out the room but the boy slams the door hard. The girl sits on the bed and the boy sits next to her, she moves away and doesn’t look him in the eye. He begins to talk to her, touching her face and moving her hair out of the way. She gets up to leave but he throws her onto the bed.

The rest of the party downstairs hear a struggle from the bedroom above, there is a mixed response with a couple of girls and boys from the party running up the stairs to investigate. They fling open the door and see the girl cowering from the boy on the bed while the boy jumps up and tries to leave the room not making eye contact however he is stopped by his mates who demand to know what’s been going on.

The first synopsis of my chosen idea produced a hard-hitting social realism film with strong themes of violence and aggression, therefore causing issues to arise. One of the main issues with this synopsis is that some viewers may find the end scene between the main characters distressing and disturbing to watch, this end scene also doesn't have much purpose in the fact that it doesn't move the story or the characters along in any way, it just tells the audience what has happened between the two previously. However this scene creates a great deal of tension, a key ingredient to a successful short. This synopsis also identifies the protagonist of the piece although their want or need is not identified.

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